Looking for Roadwayz CDLS School Of Instructions in Charlotte?


Roadwayz CDLS School of Instruction has been in business for over a year now and slowly rising to the top as one of the best one and one training companies that will prepare you for a CDL test. Roadwayz CDLS will work with up to four students a month and will train them to be ready for their CDL test. Roadwayz CDLS gives all their students the tools that they need to drive a semi-truck and become a commercial class A driver. The industry is in great need for drivers so don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

The Industry is in Great Need for Drivers so Don’t Miss Out on This Great Opportunity.


Micah was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. At a young age, he did a lot of warehouse jobs that really weren’t cut out for him. One day his brother John, who was already in the trucking industry, told Micah he should look into it and so he did. He loved it and worked 2 years OTR and 4 years local. Micah then became an instructor and rose to be one of the best instructors in Charlotte and is now well known for his structured ways. Please call today and get one of the best Trucking Industry Training you will ever find.

Nicky “Loveshe” Morrison

Nicky “Loveshe” Morrison is the owner of LoveShe Logistix LLC and co-owner of BetRox Trucking, establishing both businesses in her hometown of NYC; now relocated to Queen City Charlotte NC. Specializing in reefers, box trucks, and dry vans. She is a master dispatching instructor, as well as Trucking company start-up consultant. She goes by “Da Truckers Admin” Sprinkling love and knowledge to every client serviced. Thanks to Micah she now offers in-person dispatching classes at the RoadWayz School of Instruction.

In-person dispatching classes to start the week of 8/22/22 day and evening classes available, for more info please contact the school.